Wednesday 6 January 2016

Beaches of Pakistan VS Thailand Trip Plan with Exact Management Services

Pakistan Tours Guide has engendered a comparison matrix of beaches of Pakistan and Thailand that prove our beaches are just as good!

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1. Kund Malir Beach, Balochistan

2. Gwadar Beach, Balochistan

Similarly to each other, both cities lie in the middle of beaches at both ends. Demographic twins?
3. Clifton Beach, Karachi

The curve of the beach is so melodramatic in both pictures, makes you wonder what if the beach from Balochistan was a little greener on the mountain top?
5. Astola Island Beach, Balochistan

 Golden sand and fresh blue water in both pictures. How are they any different?
7. French Beach, Karachi

The green waters, see through and full of wild sea creatures – the mountain border offers the perfect resemblance.
6. Manora Beach, Sindh

 9. Ormara Beach, Balochistan

Similar constructions in front of the beach. It’s not magic nor voodoo – just how people prefer living.
4. Pasni Beach, Balochistan

 8. Sea-view, Karachi

These pictures are proof of nature’s resplendency – it doesn’t matter if you find them in Thailand or in Pakistan
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Plan your Trip to the 9 beautiful exotic beaches in balochistan.

Whenever we talk about Beaches in Pakistan, We think of sea view, French beach, Manora or some other Karachi beach. But there are more beaches in Balochistan than Karachi. Very few people know this. Well it’s time to know and show you some of exotic beaches in balochistan that you wouldn’t believe they existed in Pakistan.

1.Astola beach

Astola beach also known as ‘Island of the Seven Hills’, is a small Island in the Arabian Sea

2.  Gawadar beach

The Gwadar beach is home to astonishing wind-carved rock formations on them on one side and pristine beaches on the other side.

3. Jiwani beach

This is jiwani beach which is shared between Iran and Pakistan

4. Kund malir beach

kund malir is a desert beach in Balochistan near Hingol, about 145 km from Zero-Point on Makran costal highway.

5. Lasbela beach

Lasbela is a coastal district of Balochistan, catering the Hashmi beach with shallow sand and clear waters.

6. Omara beach

The Hammer-head beach in Ormara, Balochistan serves as a two-dimension landscape of a desert and beach, hand in hand.

7. Pasni beach

Pasni, is a medium-sized town and a fishing port in Gwadar District, Balochistan. The Pasni beach is a destined Fish harbor.

8. Sonmiani beach

Sonmiani beach is a beach located in the Lasbela . The beach is a two-hour drive from Karachi and is very popular among tourists.

9.West bay beach

Gwadar West Bay is a bay in Balochistān, also known as Padi Zar, Padi Zarr, hosts fishermen and small ships.

Plan your Trip to the 10 beautiful exotic beaches in balochistan.

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